IPTV Box with
                  12months                                 subscription                                    €299
      €180 PER YEAR AFTER 

        €100 PER 6 MONTHS

​​​​​​​           IPTV Box with

               12months                                          subscription                                                €299

        €180 PER YEAR  AFTER 


          €100 PER 6 MONTHS

                        Why would you want to pay for IPTV?
       With our 14 day catch up service the programs are available when     you decide. never miss out on your favourite soaps again ie eastenders,corrie and emmerdale.The box has a buffer feature which stops glitching at peak internet usage times. Basically you wont want to throw the box out the window because its stalled at a crucial moment of your show. 

If you would like an easy viewing experience then blade is the iptv solution for you.